Vigo Mosaici

About Us

“Beyond tradition with innovation.”

Massimo e Marco Vigo

The company

Based in Genoa, Liguria, a land of contrasts nestled between the surrounding mountains and the blue sea, Vigo Mosaici s.n.c. is an Italian company run by Marco and Massimo Vigo. The two brothers took over the family business from their father Mattia and grandfather Nicola and for three generations the Vigo family has preserved an ancient artisan trade with the aim of restoring dignity and beauty to the artistic heritage of grit flooring and marble mosaics passed down by the ancient master craftsmen of Venice and Genoa.
We aim to give value to the huge artistic legacy that those before us worked so hard to pass on, respectfully constructing and restoring this legacy and, at the same time, incorporating real passion for our work in order to boldly add innovation and character to what we do and create a new style over time.

Our company has an expert team of qualified and experienced employees that work hard with professionals, architects and designers to ensure we can always completely fulfil our customers’ desires.