Vigo Mosaici


The choice of the materials is a critical step that but must take place on weighted basis, taking into account not only the aesthetic point of view but also other factors like functionality and environmental friendlyness.

Properties of the materials

In our artistic researches we take great care of the material selection.

  • Natural

  • Organic

  • Without chemical dyes

  • Resistant

  • Efficient

Crushed pottery

Brick granulate with a particle size of 0/10 mm.

Crusher sand

Washed sand mixtures with a particle size of between 2 and 15 mm.


White hydrated lime.


Grey or white 3.25 pozzuolana cement.


Iron oxides.

Marble grit or stones

For construction and restoration work use can be made of high-quality marble grit available on the market or, according to the customers’ needs, we can provide granulate produced by our company and not available on the market.

Setts or tesserae

All our marble or hard stone setts and tesserae are worked by hand with a shearing machine or hammer. There are infinite possibilities for decoration.

Glass chippings

Transparent or coloured granulate used, above all, to decorate tiles in health clubs, giving them a bright appearance and a pleasant feel in contact with the feet.


Gold, silver or other coloured glitter, which, when mixed with mortar, enrich the charm of the rooms decorated with it.

Our company has an expert team of qualified and experienced employees that work hard with professionals, architects and designers to ensure we can always completely fulfil our customers’ desires.