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Crushed pottery: flooring technique made with lime mortar and brick ground. Of ancient origins, this type of surface is very warm and welcoming. Due to its characteristics matches very well also with modern design furnishings.

Marble grit. Venetian and Genoese styles: flooring always actual composed by marble grits. Single-range or with mosaic decorations with endless approach opportunities.

Cobblestone: This was among the firsts mosaic arts. Using natural cobbles we restore and create courtyards and gardens recalling ancient traditions.

We participate in major renovations as part of the Superintendency of Fine Arts as please the single customer that want to restore the ancient marble floors or other structures to give them the prestige they deserve.

A decorative marble mosaic can confer to a frame, to a wall, to a floor, an highly refined look.

We like to listen to the ideas and the needs of our customers, to provide them our expertise to get along with a customized solution.

Everyone loves their home. It is the place where we can take refuge and that always welcomes us.

The Vigo Mosaics provides the customer competence and creativity to the choice of completely customized furnishings.

Tables, pictures, tops for sinks, fireplaces, mirrors, all handmade really unique ornaments.

Vigo Mosaici often had the honor to bring back old churches to its original beauty by restoring them and putting in work mosaics, portals, altars and religious images.

All this gave us the opportunity to meet the classic iconography so we can give the customer the opportunity to entrust us a picture of sacred images to be stored in their own homes rather than in a funerary shrine that he wants to decorate.

In recent years we have specialized in the production of coatings for spas and pools in hotels of the highest level and in private homes.

Using appropriate materials and treatments we can make durable waterproof surfaces. Of course, the variations are endless for colors and decorations.

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Decorations, Genovese Marble grit floor, Indoor Flooring, Mosaic, Venetian Marble grit floor

Indoor Floors

Decorations, Genovese Marble grit floor, Indoor Flooring, Mosaic, Venetian Marble grit floor